EMK Skin Care Studios are a facials service and retail licensing opportunity that is poised to revolutionize the $11 billion American skin care industry. Popular as the go to boutique natural skin care line in California for celebrities and their doctors for more than two decades, EMK Skin care of Beverly Hills is expanding into licensed skin care studios. Why licensing rather than franchising? Because Licensing is more cost effective for EMK Skin Care Studios, which allows our studio owners to invest more in client experience and expansion. When EMK Skin Care Studio owners succeed, we succeed.


With flagship locations in Los Angeles, London and Indonesia, EMK Skin Care Studios is poised to expand in the US and overseas. Our studios are backed by a high margin product line that is already profitable, has stability, is known in the luxury space and combines nature with science to give your clients simply amazing facials and follow up product sales. With our unique express facials (one hour or less) to our recurring revenue facial memberships, EMK Skin Care Studios transcends flash trends and gives our owners a solid business model with an already proven, lasting, skin care brand and superior licensee marketing and traffic driving.